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A list of exceptional licensed practitioners and establishments with which I have developed a working professional relationship, and would highly recommend their services.


Fitzgerald Physical Therapy Associates has been providing the highest quality orthopedic physical therapy services to the Metro North area for 18 years. The staff at FPT prides itself on problem solving for the complex orthopedic patient. Most of our patients have experices physical therapy elsewhere, but when they leave our office they realize that we are different. We strive to create "patients for life." Our patients are our life's blood and we encourage them to come to us frequently with questions about fitness, workout progression and dietary concerns, not only when they are injured. I am currently a full-time Physical Therapist at FPTA, and am also accepting clients for massage therapy at the Woburn location.

Muscle Mind Movement As a strength and conditioning coach, Nicole Delegas has made it her life mission to use the tools of exercise, movement and mindset as a catalyst for demolishing all personal and physical barriers. Offering small group, semi-private and individual personal training and mobility/movement sessions, her unique philosophy provides the tools needed to achieve your maximal movement potential. As a regular customer in her small group classes, I can speak from personal experience that Nicole has a superb knowledge of the body and pays such attention to detail when constructing each and every session.

Greet Street Massage is a community-driven holistic bodywork business that was founded in Jamaica Plain in 2010 by a husband-wife duo, Christopher and Lily Brenneck. They specialize in combining deep tissue, sports, structural, and relaxation massage techniques to help clients overcome muscular pain, recover from injuries, train for athletic competition, and to manage and relieve stress. They also offer several other modalities such as acupuncture, yoga, energy work, and personal fitness training.

Firestone Chiropractic & Wellness is a multi-disciplinary practice that integrates chiropractic care, nutrition services and massage therapy to improve the quality of life of their patients. Their mission is to restore patients’ health and full ability to function through natural methods, while also providing them with the knowledge and understanding necessary to maintain it. All of the practitioners at Firestone are exceptional in each of their respective discipline, and administer a uniquely holistic plan of care specific to the individual. I personally receive regular chiropractic care and nutrition counseling at Firestone and have experienced remarkable changes in my day to day functioning.

Movement As Medicine, founded by Brendon Rearick and Kevin Carr, a team of "Movement Therapists," specifically Licensed Massage Therapists and Certified Personal Trainers whose core belief is that every human should move well and move often. Their goal is to help as many people do that as possible. Movement As Medicine is the official massage therapist of Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning.


Northeastern University Physical Therapy graduates are innovative, global leaders who excel in clinical practice, research, and community service. As one of the longest accredited Physical Therapy programs in the United States, and the only program with Cooperative Education, students of NEU graduate with exceptional decision-making skills and relevant clinical experience in the field of physical therapy. I am both a proud graduate of the Northeastern University Doctorate of Physical Therapy program, and a proud Clinical Instructor to Clinical Affiliation students currently completing the same program.


Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning offers the most comprehensive performance enhancement training, reconditioning and personal training in the nation. MBSC's results-driven approach covers every aspect necessary to achieve your goals, whether they involve sports performance, weight loss, or a healthier lifestyle. Time and effort spent training at MBSC will translate into peak performance in any athlete's respective sport. If you are looking to lose weight or need a jumpstart to getting back into shape, the trainers at MBSC will provide the knowledge and the means to help you become fit and stay that way.


Marathon Sports was founded in 1975 as one of the first running specialty stores in the country, and over the years has enjoyed a storied relationship with the runners and walkers of Boston. In 1992, they developed a unique foot and biomechanical analysis in the shoe selection process called "The Right Fit," which helped to pioneer the gait assessment component now prevalent among most running and walking specialty stores across the nation. Both independent massage clients as well as patients treated at Fitzgerald Physical Therapy Associates are eligible for discounts on running shoe purchases at the Melrose location. Please contact me directly for more information.

Fitzgerald Physical Therapy Associates with locations in Woburn, Melrose and Wilmington
Muscle Mind Movement - a private personal training gym in Burlington, MA
Green Street Massage, a trusted studio providing massage therapy, acupuncture and personal training in Jamaica Plain, MA
Firestone Chiropractic and Wellness in Woburn, MA
Movement as Medicine
Northeastern University where Britt attended undergraduate education and received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in Boston
Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, home of the CFSC - Certified Functional Strength Coach Certification in Woburn, MA
Marathon Sports - speciality running apparel store that performs running analysis to fit you for the perfect shoes
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