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I am an ambitious and enthusiastic Licensed Physical Therapist and Licensed Massage Therapist with a passion for manual therapy, sports medicine, and establishing effective patient-therapist relationships in the outpatient orthopedic setting. My combination of clinical experience and education uniquely qualifies me to provide a multifaceted approach to injury management and prevention.


​I am a firm believer that every patient and client deserves exceptional treatment that is personalized to their specific individual needs. In my practice, I have found that a combination of manual work followed by active corrective exercise is the most effective method of treatment for many of my patients and clients. Why massage? "Massage helps to maintain muscle in the best possible state of nutrition, flexibility, and vitality," and lays down an optimal foundation that paves the way for yielding the most optimal results.


By appointment only

PLEASE NOTE: I have relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area until June of 2020


Hello Valued Patients, Clients and Colleagues,


It brings me great joy, excitement, and bittersweetness to announce that I will be completing a 9-month didactic residency in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) in Vallejo, California from July 2019 until April 2020. After 6.5+ years of learning, growing, and having fun every day with Fitzgerald Physical Therapy Associates, I am experiencing several emotions in regard to my decision to embark on this journey, and I will miss my Fitz family dearly. 


In my absence, I highly suggest that my patients seek out Physical Therapy treatment from any of the skilled therapists at Fitzgerald PT, both in the Woburn and Melrose locations. If you would like some guidance in regard to who you should see, please do not hesitate to ask and I will give you my personalized recommendation of who I believe will be the right fit for you. 


For my Massage Therapy clients, I have a few suggestions for trusted and esteemed therapists in the greater Boston area. 


1) There will be a Licensed Massage Therapist with 6+ years of experience, Megan Brenneck, LMT, PTA, who will be taking my spot in the Woburn clinic beginning in July 1 day per week. Megan has also recently completed Physical Therapy Assistant school through the rigorous program at North Shore Community College and shares a passion in treating common and complex musculoskeletal issues. She will also be working in the Melrose clinic as a PTA on a part-time basis beginning in July. She can be reached at MeganBrenneck@gmail.com.


2) Nicole Delegas is a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer, and is currently offering her services of therapeutic massage therapy, movement therapy, personal training and small group training out of her own private studio located in Winchester, MA. For more information about Nicole, visit her website https://www.muscle-mind-movement.com. To schedule an appointment, email her directly at nicole.delegas@gmail.com 


3) Green Street Massage is a husband and wife owned community-driven holistic bodywork business in Jamaica Plain. They specialize in combining deep tissue, sports, structural, and relaxation massage techniques to help clients overcome muscular pain, recover from injuries, train for athletic competition, and to manage and relieve stress. They also offer several other modalities such as acupuncture, yoga, energy work, and personal fitness training. 



4) Firestone Chiropractic is a multi-disciplinary practice that integrates chiropractic care, nutrition services and massage therapy to improve the quality of life of their patients. They are located in the 400 building in Cummings Park. www.firestonechiroandwellness.com


Following completion of the residency, I will be traveling for two months and aim to be back in the Boston area in June of 2020. I will be returning to work at Fitzgerald Physical Therapy, likely offering both Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy appointments. 


If you know anyone in the San Francisco/Bay Area of California whom you wish to connect me with on a professional, recreational (I snowboard, hike, run, and want to get into mountain biking!) or friendly basis, please feel free to put us in contact! I will be starting fresh in a new city and welcome all introductions. I will also be bringing a massage table with me.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to remain in touch in the future!


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